Wednesday, 23 September 2015

That Much I Know

Puppynap had to go out today to the garage to get it fixed but he said as much as he wanted to take me it was a dangerous place but would take me somewhere brilliant when he came back. 

OK I wonder where we are going, it's down the road, that much I know

"I'm like a birrrrrd, I'm gonna fly away, I know where my home is, I know where my heart is."

Ooh through the tunnel, they've put lights in it now.

Quick come look at this Puppynap!

It holly and red berries. The first I've seen this year.

Up this big hill now, it's where all the rabbits live. 

Phew that was a big hill, I think I need a drink now.

I thoughts so, he's brought me to the motorway bridge so I can have a look at all the cars going by. I can see a theme here. Cars!