Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lapping Up The Sun

I was just having a little rest on the sofa lapping up the sun when I heard Daddy and Puppynap calling me to come out and join them in the garden.

They must be needing my help again, they often do when they are doing things in the garden.

I couldn't see them even though I searched for ages, then I realised they were in the garage I could hear them picking up tools and things.

That's right Daddy, you dig there and get those weeds out and I can eat them.

That's right put them down there in a great big pile.

No Puppynap where you taking them, you were supposed to leave them here for me!

Oh dear he's got it all wrong putting them in bags and things. Still I suppose it doesn't matter too much, there's plenty over here for me to play with.

Ooh this looks like fun, I wonder if I jump really high whether I can make it all the way into the pot.

No! No I can't!

Still at least I gave it a go.

And then David came out to play with me. That's right David come out and join us, it's brilliant in the garden, Daddy said you can come out whenever you want now you are a big boy.

Well done, that was very good of you to come out into the garden, but really there's nothing to worry about when we go out next time I'll show you were all the slugs are and we can have a snack together!

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