Saturday, 13 September 2014

When I Woke Up

When I woke up the girl was still here, she was asleep in the bed in the next room and I went in to her to wake her up and say hello, here's a little wee for you. We then all went outside to play but I was more interested... the old plane that was in the sky.

And then I did some sunbathing on Puppynaps tummy...

...before Daddy said come on River here's some special meat for you. It's called beef.

And then I heard a beep, beep and the girl who is Twevors mummy was here but she didn't bring Twevor to play today but she made up for her mistake by giving me lots of cuddles.

And then I helped Daddy with the wood for the fire.

And we all sat and watched it as we tried to get warm.

And now it's night time I'm sitting up the back of the garden waiting for my friends to come and so I can tell them all about my day...

...while everyone else sits down there getting louder and louder.