Friday, 12 September 2014

Daisy The Elephant

I was still sitting there having a think when I heard a noise out the front.

Hello, who's that?

Lovely. It's the girl. A really good friend of mine. I love seeing the girl.

Gissa kiss then!

And then we all got ready and got in the car. Ooh where we going?

I think I remember I've been here before. 

Yes I have I remember, come on everyone it's this way.

Up the hill to see Daisy the elephant.

And here friends!

And then we went around a corner and I saw a little doggie up front.

Come on everyone.

Hello, I'm River, what's your name?

Nice to meet you Milly.

And then we went around the bend and saw a place Puppynap called Wood Henge.

And then Daddy said come on we're going to go into the woods now.

It's beautiful in here. Puppynap said it's nearly time for Autumn.

*Sniff, sniff*

This is the way to go.

Come on around the bend.

I think we're lost now.

Yes. we're definitely lost now.