Thursday, 24 July 2014

It's So Hot, Trying To Keep Cool

It's so hot today. I love sitting in the sun but when it get's too hot, so do I and I have to pant a lot to keep cool which is a lot of effort and it worries Daddy and Puppynap so I decided to spend all day trying to keep cool. 

I tried to lay down very flat on the floor but I was still hot.

Puppynap gave me some ice which was lovely but it didn't make me cool for long. 

I then jumped up on to the sofa which when the covers are off can be very cool.

But today I just couldn't get comfy no matter what way I sat or lay down.

So I went outside in the garden and sunbathed in the shade on the grass. But then the sun moved and my head got very hot.

So I came inside and looked out the backdoor which worked until the sun moved again and I had to come inside.

Now I'm cool, there's air all around me AND Puppynap has put the fan on me.