Thursday, 24 July 2014

And Vogue!

I was just playing outside with Nadia when Daddy called for me to come in.


Hello. What did you want Daddy?

Oh no I'm on the table, that only can mean one thing...'s River Spa Time!

OK but you better be quick, I've got lots of playing still to do.

Are we done yet? I've had enough now!

Hooray we're done. What you doing up there Puppynap?

You want me to come up? OK coming!

OK I've made it. What we up to?

Bath time!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Too hot!

I'm singing in the bath, just singing in the bath.


Tumble around time.

Phew, nearly done, just gotta dry me off.

All done. How do I look Daddy? 

Yes I am a pretty girl and so much cooler too!

Brilliant, chicken and chips for tea for being so good in the Spa.

And Vogue!