Saturday 6 July 2013

He Dropped The Machine On The Girls Foot

Today I think I had the best Saturday ever, it was my perfect Saturday. Daddy and Puppynap came out with me in the garden and when we was playing out there a girl and a boy came over to play and they said they were staying for all day time. Brilliant!

First everyone had ice creams, I'm not allowed ice creams but I got the stick and it was great fun to chew all up and I was allowed to, daddy said.

Then they got some black rocks out and I chewed one

and got all soot over my face

It made me laugh though cause everyone did! 

The girl must have had achy feet as she put them in a big bowl of water and then the boy put me in the bowl.

I didn't mind it too much and it did cool me down a bit.

But when I had enough I got out and ran all over the mattress thing and made Daddy jump off when I shook all over him.

We then had dinner. I had an egg and then they gave me my very own burger.

But the girl had something more that I wanted to eat. Tomatoes are lovely and I put a whole one in my mouth at once but it was hard to chew like that.

For afters we had strawberries, I LOVE Strawberries!

And then we had bones with meat on them, I had three they were so tasty and I ate them for about one hour.

Daddy and the girl then played ball with me.

The mattress was going flat so Puppynap and the girl put a machine on it and it got hard again. Puppynap then dropped the machine on the girls foot and she screamed and everyone laughed and she had to sit down and put a bottle of milk on it for some reason.

Then Lil' came to play. We played chase. 

Then Lil's friend came to say hello and they both watched me for a while.

Before going off for a walk together.

When she came back we carried on our game of chase. What a brilliant day it's been.

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