Wednesday 31 July 2013

Don't Forget Me

I could see Puppynap was getting ready to go out, I saw him put on his shoes.

Don't forget me, don't forget me!

He didn't. We went out and then saw the lady M from over the road. I saw her first and started to run to her and then saw me and called me over to give me a big stroke. They talked for ages and I saw a bowl of food out the front and tried to eat it but Puppynap wouldn't let me. Errghhhh.

Come on let's go Puppynap.

We went down the road and across the big road. I was very good and ran quickly, quickly all the way across. I was glad when we came to the stream as Puppynap found a bowl and filled it up from the water. He did nearly fall in and said he got a stingly needle on his leg but that it didn't matter as I was thirsty and out of breath from all that big girl running.

The water was freezing cold but delicious.

We then went down an alley that I've been down before, I know this way at the end there's a field and then a road and then nanny.

But I got a brilliant surprise on the other side of the alley my friend Kiwi was there. I've not seen him for ages and ages and the lady said she'd not seen me for a long time too and we all gave each other cuddles and Kiwi sniffed my bottom.

I was so glad when we got to nannies, I just couldn't walk another step then I remembered we had to go all the way back again. I'm glad I got a snack and some more water to help me on my way.