Monday 24 June 2024

Happy Birthday Puppynap x

 I was very tired this morning, then I realised…

It was Puppynaps birthday, so I went in for a neck cuddle until it was time for me to get up.

Happy birthday Puppynap x

Then it was time for us to go on a birthday walk and smell the flowers.

Then back home for him to get the card from David and me.

We’re not little monsters, we’re little angels!

Then my favourite bit, wrapping paper!

It was such a hot day, we’re having a heat wave so it’s best to find the coolest place in the shade and have a sleep.

Then all of a sudden bath time. I wasn’t expecting that it’s not my birthday.

But it felt much better afterwards, so back to sleeping.

All the way until dinner time. I had the sweet potatoes outside.

And finally I was allowed on the grass. I’m not allowed when it’s sunny.

And now we’re all sitting outside together watching the sun go down. What a lovely day.