Friday 26 April 2024

It’s Daddy’s Birthday

 I was very, very sleepy this morning. Daddy went out with some friends last night and we all go to bed late.

It was ok though because I could have a cuddle in with Puppynap

But it wasn’t time to get up yet for all of us as it’s daddy’s birthday today he can have a sleep in. So me and Puppynap went out for a walk so I could sniff the plants.

I love sniffing the plants!

When we got back Puppynap had to go out the dentist…

…so I decided it was time for daddy to get up.

Happy birthday daddy I love you x

Do you like your card it’s from me and David?

It was then time for presents and for me to have a cuddle and a bit of a sleep.

I enjoyed that bit but also love the sun so we went outside in the garden for a bit as it’s a lovely sunny day today.

I love a sunny garden day I can go anywhere I want in the garden on days like these.

And then a strange thing happened. They went out and left me and David at home waiting for them.

They went to the place called London that I’ve been to before with them.

They showed me the photos of where they went.

It looks amazing but a bit too noisy for me!