Wednesday 21 February 2024

A He-Man-Toe-Ma

 Puppynap surprised me this morning when he gave me a sudden bath when we came back from our walk.

He then said something to daddy about my ear and then said we were going to see the doctor.

I don’t mind it there as I can have a walk around and sniff of all the other smells.

I was a little bit worried when I heard them mentioning my claws needed cutting.

When we went in there was lady and she took a look at my eat and said that I had a he-man-toe-ma and that some blood in my ear lining needed to be drained.

They said it was the smallest one they’d every seen so it must have only recently happened and then they did some needle things which was ok.

Another lady then came in and they all held me down and started to cut my claws.

After. a while they gave up and said that I was a very strong girl and after some special sleepy stuff I would have to come back next week.

They were also going to check my ear again to make sure everything was alright with it.

Oh yes and they cut all the hair off my ear but Puppynap said I was such a good girl that I could have extra treats today.

Well I think he said that , I know I thought it!