Monday 25 December 2023

Christmas Day

 Me and David had to wake everyone up as is was Christmas Day and we was excited.

We wanted our presents.

Ooh what is it?

A new coat to go for a walk in!

All the way near nanny by the little stream.

There was lots of us out today

We went by the stream.

Lots of leaves.

And some snowmen too!

Then time to come home and have a scratch.

And David’s present time.

He loved it some magic herbs.

I wanted some more paper to play with, so I gave big eyes.

And I got some more paper to play with

And then we got our cards

Daddy, david, me and Puppynap.

It’s been so tiring I needed a cuddle.

Perfect on daddy

And on Puppynap too. What a brilliant Christmas Day 

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