Sunday 2 October 2022

It’s My Birthday! I’m 10! Wow!

 I didn’t know what was happening when I got up I got lots of cuddled from daddy and Puppynap. And lots of kisses.

And then they said.

It’s my birthday!

I’m 10!


Come on let’s go!

We were going to go to a special place but it’s raining so it’s a usual walk today.

Pesky rain!

Come on, let’s run down the steps!

Cause I’ve got to get back home, david wants to wish me happy birthday

And it’s time for my card.


I’m always allowed to chew up the paper thing.

But it’s tiring doing all these things so I needed to have a bit of a rest.

So that I was ready for my birthday lunch, umm eggs!


That filled me right up, tine to have a rest again in my day bed until I could smell it.

I know that smell although I only smell it two times in the year.

Christmas and my birthday.

Yes it true!


My favourite ever!

It’s all my favourite foods today.

I didn’t miss even the smallest bit.

It’s now tine for a sleep ready for later in when it’ll be great time.

I love my birthdays I get so many things I want.