Tuesday 26 April 2022

It’s Daddy’s Birthday Today

 It’s daddies birthday today.

We all waited up very late last night  to make sure it was today.

Happy birthday daddy I love you.

Then it was time to go out on a birthday treat.

Wow it’s changed a bit since we were last here.

This is all very new and very lovely.

They even put a special bench here so that we can sit and…

…look at the ducks and things.

We then found a pixie house, they must live here now.

Even though it’s daddies birthday I was hoping, I had been a very good girl.

It was true it did happen. I was allowed to have my head out of the window.

It was such a long walk when we t gone we all needed a bit of a rest.

And treat!

When I woke up David had come indoors so it was time to give him a bit of a catch up on the day.

There was lots of tell him.

It’s had been a brilliant but very tiring day.

Happy birthday daddy your the bestest daddy ever.