Saturday 2 October 2021

I’m 9 Today!

 When I woke up I found out why today is a special day.

It’s my birthday I’m 9 today!

David came to say happy birthday and then went for a drink.

It was then time for my card.

And a quick play with David.

That was good because we was going out.

We was going to go to my shop and choose my present and have a sniff around. But the roads were blocked people trying to get into the garages for car water.

But it didn’t matter we could still go to the park and forest.

I love it here it’s my favourite park.

Lots to explore!


We then came home because it was starting to rain!

I cuddled up with Puppynap and had a sleep. This morning tired me out.

Then I thought I smelt something going on and I went to investigate.

It was! It was!

Ummm! I knew I could smell it.



And chips too!

Then it was time for a daddy belly rub.

And then sit down to watch a birthday film.

Cats and dogs, goody my favourite.

What a lovely day I’ve had.

I think I would like to do it all again tomorrow!