Friday 25 December 2020

It's Christmas Day Today

It's Christmas Day today but we all had a little sleep in.

But before anything can happen...

...we've got to go out for our morning walk.

Have a see what's happening.

Wow the roads are empty but they would be I suppose were not supposed to be going places this year.

Then when we got home it was time for presents!

I got some new pyjamas.

And the best bit, the paper.

David got this thing I don't know what it is though.

But David liked it so I went in the kitchen with daddy and Puppynap.

And had a look out in the garden, see what was happening.

Then me and Puppynap and David had a sleep on the sofa.

But they wouldn't stop fidgetting so I came to have a peaceful sleep on my chair by the window and tree.

But I didn't want to miss the afternoon film...


The it was time for Christmas dinner. I had the mash and carrots...

...and now it's time to have a rest, it's been a hectic day!

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