Wednesday 24 June 2020

Yay It's Daddy's Day

I got up a little bit earlier than usual. Well when we're on holiday we always have a little sleep in but today I needed to get ready and get my party hat on.

Yay it's Daddy's Day, Puppynap s birthday.

We went for a walk so I could smell the bins but it was a bit hot so I got carried home.

We needed to get back to give Puppynap his cake. I had a toothstick., I'm not allowed cake.

But I was allowed a little sleep, it's very hot today, the hottest day of the year.

I had a little sleep in the sun.

And on a pillow.

But quickly back in the shade.

Then it was later on I didn't know what time.

Until I smelt chips.

Quick pop it in.

And now it's time for the best time. Cuddles up together waiting for the stars to come out to say hello.