Sunday 26 April 2020

Today Is My Daddies Birthday

We stayed up really late last night we was playing with people on the TV screen because we were waiting for after midnight for a special day.

I got Puppynap up early we needed to go out quick.

To smell the flowers before we got home early.

Because today is my Daddies birthday.

Happy birthday best Daddy. X

Lucky it was a sunny day so we could all go outside and lay in the sun, we're still not allowed to do things we normally would.

You must be careful and not get too hot, when you to just go in the shade.

And if you get very hot come inside and have asleep.

Tea time!

Yummy I had the mash and carrots.

And now the best part of Daddies birthday for me and my best present to my daddy a big cuddle up on the sofa watching a lovely film.

Love you Daddy x