Wednesday, 25 December 2019

I Saw Santa

Come in eberybody get moving, it's Christmas Day...

...there's lots of my list for today.

Is it time for my presents yet?

Thanks wrapping paper just what I wanted.

I'll have yours if you don't want it David.

Now it's time to go out.

You coming David, it is Christmas.

Is that a no then?

Just checking Santa's village, yes all in check there.

Come on it's time to go out now.


What is that doggie doing in the water, I wanna get in, well maybe not.

We went to see Nanny and grandad.

And I saw santa. Wow Christmas magic.

And leaves too, it really is a brilliant day.

Bit now it's time for us to have a cuddle .

Before we watch these people singing on the TV.


Mash and carrots, check, it must be Christmas I'm hardly ever allowed things not on my special diet but Christmas Day is always special.

Trouble is mash and carrots tire me out, that and the walking and the playing and the presents and the best family in the whole wide world and the best Christmas too.

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