Wednesday, 2 October 2019

It's My Birthday And Today I'm 7

It's my birthday and today I'm 7.

I got woken up by lots of kisses and then came to get some more from David.

Then it was time for an early morning walk and it is my birthday it's bin day...

...and I was allowed to sniff every bin I wanted for as long as I wanted.

It was a real birthday treat.

Then when we got home it was time for my card.

I can chew it up if I like I'm allowed each year but I prefer the envelope.

Then David came to sit with me, we had a good chat and lovely long sleep, it's even sunny today it really is my birthday.

It was then time for my afternoon things.

A shopping trip to my favourite shop.

So much to smell.

And places to search.

Hang on I see another doggie over there. Let's go!

Plenty of time for the rabbits.

Hop, hop.

Then a trip to one of favourite places.

I was allowed to go exploring wherever I wanted.

All the way up here.

And down this pathway.

And even through this grass.

When we came home I played with my toy from the shop and got a belly rub.

And then I sat waiting in the window for my daddy to come home, it's not my best birthday day until I'm with my daddy.

Then a special treat a bit of biscuit I'm only usually allowed the crumbs that fall on the floor.

And then the best bit a belly rub and play with my daddy.

It's been a brilliant birthday.