Tuesday 25 December 2018

A Christmas Day...

The Christmas Day started last night we all sat up to make sure we didn't go to bed, bed until it was Christmas Day. It was good but very late.

But I was all ready to wake up this morning...

...and see if it had snowed. It hadn't but it was really frosty everywhere so it looked like it had snowed.

I couldn't wait to get my lift down the stairs...

...so that me and David could go exploring together on Christmas Day, Christmas morning.

Then it was for presens. How do you get into their thing?

What is it?

It's new pjamas for Christmas Day.

The David came in to get his presents. Christmas Tree baubles.

Then it was time to go on a Christmas Day, Christmas morning walk.

And say hello to the ivy.

We saw 2 robins.

And then another Christmas Day surprise, Shih Tzu soup with misty and princess.

Then home to say hello to Monkey.

And a little sleep on Puppynap as we watched Christmas Day. Christmas TV.

Then time for my dinner carrots and potatoes a special treat as I've been on a special diet but today is Christmas Day and I don't seem to have a reaction to these foods so it's a big bowl full for me.

Then another cuddle with Puppynap...

...and Daddy.

As we watched a movie about a boy image jungle.

After that we went to go for a walk but fireworks were going off so we came back home really quick for some more Christmas treats and a lovely sleep on the sofa.

This Christmas Day doing stuff is lovely but tiring.

I hope you all had a lovely a Christmas Day too.