Tuesday 2 October 2018

I'm 6 Today

Daddy and Puppynap woke me up with big kisses.

They said today was my birthday and I'm 6 today.

I had a look out the window while Puppynap had a bath I was looking for the foxes.

Then we went down the stairs and David came to give me a big kiss.

And then I got my card from everyone.

Thank you...

...very kind words, I love you all to.

Then it was time for my next trest.

After a while in the car we was at the park.

Now which way shall we go?

This way.

I want to look at the strange thing.

Then it was time to go into the Enchanted Forest.

We found a little bridge deep in the forest.

And heard lots of squirrels.

And I was allowed to go wherever I wanted.

And I wanted to go lots of places...

...including my favourite shop...

...where I was allowed to go anywhere I wanted.

And choose my own presents.

And have a chat with the rabbits.

Then it was time to go home and have a treat and a play with my new toy I chose.

I love it a lot and shall keep it close by.

Although I think David was after a play as I tried to sleep.

I suceeded

Although I woke up for dinner fish AND chips.

Phew what a birthday.

I'm now going to have a sleep on Daddy, the best part of any day.

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