Saturday 28 April 2018

They're Back From Their Adventures

They're back, they're back from their adventures.

It was very late last night, so late it was very early this morning when they got back and we all gave each other hugs and kisses when they got in. 

I was very tired though so I waited for today to hear all about their adventures in another land.

They went to the land of Alicante. That's in Spain.

Daddy says we're all going to live their one day together so I needed to learn about it. They said it's OK not to worry there's lots of dogs that live there and all night everything turns orange with the sun.

And there's beaches to go running on in the cool times when it's not so hot.

There's strange messages in all sorts of places...

...all sorts of places.

All boats that float on the sea. They said I night go in a boat one day.

I'm not so sure I will like that but I know if I don't we will stop doing it,

And bins especially for monkeys to use.

And a yellow brick road. 

That's magic I know I guess dreams can happen there.

Yes I think I shall have to have a sleep and see what my dreams tell me about the matter.