Saturday, 6 January 2018

All The Way To Nannies

Today we're going for a walk, all the way to Nannies.

Up the road.

Across the shop car park and up the alley.

On to the big road, past the little shops.

Past the garage. Um busy today.

Up the hill the other side. I've never walked this way before, it's all new to me and amazing smells everywhere.

Especially in the bushes and today I'm allowed to smell as much as I want.

Across another big road, lots of big roads this way. 

Across a bit of a field. I made a new friend a little dog called Ace. He was ace.

DADDY! DADDY! What are you doing here?

And now we're here, ta dah Nannies new home and I can easily walk it there too.