Monday, 25 December 2017

It's Christmas Day - Then The Oven Broke Down

It's Christmas Day and we all had a bit of a lie in I was very tired...

...but couldn't wait to get my presents.

We but had to so I gave my Daddy a card.

And then went outside to call David in to get our presents.

He came in and then I didn't see him again after a minute.

Then I was allowed my presents.

Some treats from Auntie J

What another one for me?


What is it?

Then some more treats.

Then I could smell the turkey in the oven.

Then the oven broke down.

Then everyone else turned up.

And the food was finally grilled.

It was lovely. I had mashed potato, peas and carrots and lots of turkey.

And then the longest sleep, it took ages to cook and it's been an exciting day.

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