Saturday, 23 September 2017

Into The Forest To Explore

I was having the best sleep when all of a sudden...

...we were in the car and going out with Nanny and Granddad and Daddy and Puppynap and the little boy.


They all went to the fort to play and me and Puppynap went into the forest to explore.

We found the witches house and then... all went very dark and then I noticed there were things on the floor...

...the witch must have left a trap for people.

We hot footed it out of there.

Phew that's better in the sunlight again. 

I tried to see if I could jump through the hole...

...but I couldn't... we sat and waited to see if anyone could.

No one did so we went back into the forest but another way we didn't want to bump into the witch of the wood.

We made it out the the other side OK and all sat for a drink and a chat. I watched other doggies and little people play and sometimes I joined in...

...and then it was time for lunch so we went by the river to watch the boats go by while we waited for our food to appear.

But it was taking a long time so me and Daddy and Pupynap and little boy went for a walk over the river.

And we saw a cat that lived on a boat that looked just like David.

A cat that lives on a boat, wow!

They weren't very quick in walking I had to tell them to hurry up.

But they caught up in the end.

That kept on happening, I don't think they realised...

...dinner was waiting. I had the chips!