Saturday, 24 June 2017

It Was Puppynaps Birthday Today

It was Puppynaps birthday today.

We started off opening presents.

And then have a bit of a clean up before... was time for a sleep. I had been up half an hour.

Then Auntie J came down so I went for a cuddle.

And then it was time for a surprise card from me.

And to play shuttle bus for the garden insects, All about the express train, Toot, toot!

And a little lay in the shade watching the clouds go by.

But it was my other daddies birthday so I went in for a cuddle.

Then some beep, beep!

It was The Elf and her crew.

I led the samba around the garden.

But then it was time for dinner and to watch Missy and The Master.

A scary combo.