Thursday, 2 March 2017

We're Both Good At That Too

Its Thursday and Nanny has come to look after me, she does that now as Puppynap has to go out on that day. I forgot it was Thursday it's been such a busy week.

It was so early I hadn't even had my breakfast but that was OK. I asked if she wanted to share but she didn't.

But she did want a cuddle and that's what we did all of the morning time.

We both actually feel asleep. When you wake up from asleep time you have to do a big stretch, we're both good at that too.

I was still tired but it was lovely and sunny out so I sat in the window looking at all the people going by while I waited for Daddy and Puppynap to come home.

I waited a long time.

And when I woke up Nanny said it wouldn't bee too much longer and as I had been a good girl I could have a treat. She didn't want to share that one either.

I don't know what they are lovely. She doesn't know what she is missing.