Thursday, 10 March 2016

12.15 - And Then I Spotted Something

Puppynap said come on River, we're going out, we're going to see nanny.


Lots of flowers are out at the moment, Spring is on it's way.

Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves,

Leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves!

We then went down the road that I always think is a beach because of all the stones... the end I said hello to two cats, a black one like David and a white one.

At the end we went through the alley...

...and on the other side there was the little river. I had a very close look but it was to high up have a drink.

And then I spotted something very disappointing.

Some rubbish just dropped on the floor. I blame the punk rockers!

Then it was time to cross the big road, it wasn't very busy today.

On the other side of the road was the other side of the river. I had a smell of the lovely daffydills, they are my favourite.

Puppynap said I could play for as long as I wanted as we were early, we needed to be there at 12.15, a very special time.

I had a look at what the builders were doing.

We were still quite early so I took us up by the first part of the river to have a look at the fishes.

And then I spotted something. Come on quickly...'s a magical sign from the universe.

And then just at that moment Puppynap said we had to go, we only had ten minutes to get there...

...and give nanny her flowers.