Sunday 22 February 2015

I Followed My Green Cross Code

I was having a lovely sit on Daddies leg when Puppynap said...

"Come on River, we're going out"

Come on then I'm ready!

In the car and we went and saw the girl, just to say hello as we were in the area. She's looking happy.

And then we was there and Daddy took me for a walk on the green...

...lots of new smells here, I wonder where they will lead me?

Across the crossing.

I followed my green cross code,

And then we were there, we were at my friends house. It's lovely to see you.

They left the door open and I had a little explore. Umm we're high up, I think I'll stay here if it's OK with you.

I was a good girl for as long as I could. I had chicken for dinner.

And then I went for a lovely cuddle with WHS. Cuddle me tight!