Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's Lovely To Hold hands.

Brilliant! BRILLIANT!

It's the Elf come to see me.

I can't believe it's you.


Got to you. I love you Elf.

Ooh what's that you've brought for me Elf?

A brand new yellow ball to play with.

And then David-Shiro came to meet The Elf, they've never met before you know!

She'd brought David-Shiro some toys with bells in them although I think he was a little bit shy and decided to play with them under the sofa.

I told him there was nothing to by shy about. Come on out and play out here!

And then David-Shiro came out to play with the balls with bells in them.

We had a great game, chasing them around.

And then David-Shiro had a play with my yellow ball from The Elf. We share all our toys in this house.

It must have worked and made David-Shiro less shy as he then went for a cuddle with The Elf.

And then we both had a lay down as we were still tired from last night. It's lovely to hold hands when you are sleepy.

And then I played a trick and tickled his feet and made him laugh.

Did you see that Daddy?

I went for a little play outside while it was still sunny and when I came in we sat down and watched one of Lil's favourite films...

all about Cats and Dogs!

It always makes me laugh, all these cats and dogs running around having fun, like I have with my little cat friends.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side