Sunday, 22 June 2014

WOW What A Weekend I've Had!

WOW! What a weekend I've had!

I was just having a sleep indoors out of the sun yesterday when Daddy said come on River you're going on an adventure to see some friends.

BRILLIANT I love going on adventures and seeing friends. Where are we going? Are we there yet?

It was very hot in the car and we was in the car for ages and ages and I got hot and Puppynap got bothered and then we drove around in a big circle. I was so glad when we got out and I could go exploring for a place to go wee.

And then we was back home. Well that's wasn't much of an adventure.

But we did then have some dinner in the garden and Daddy's friend was here, the one who does Hi-Ya.

And we played chase the pink ball and sat outside until everyone was shivvering and it was very dark.

And then when we woke up in the morning the girl was still here and we all went to sit outside in the sun.

And then Puppynap said come on River help me find Nadia and give her her breakfast. OK I'll look over here, just got to play with the pink ball first.

Oh what's that Puppynap?


No Puppynap that's not Nadia.

Here's Nadia, she was hiding in the blackberry bush.

And then I heard a beep, beep and ran to the front. Who's here to see me? Who's here to see me?

It was the Husband Elf, he'd come to play pink ball with me...

...and The Elf came too, she wanted a go.

Then I saw Nadia and she was eating some pepper.

Hello Nadia. What you got there?

Would you like to share that with me?

I'll just pull it a little closer to me so I can get a better bite and look after it for you.

"Well that's my dinner over with then!"

Nadia! Where you going Nadia?

Oh I see you were going to the big table for the BIG DINNER TIME! 

Hey is that a sausage for me?